Virtual workshop, 15th & 16th June 2021, hosted by the Combinatorics Group at the University of Strathclyde.

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 123  Plenary Speakers  123

• Luca Ferrari, University of Florence, Italy
• Lucas Gerin, ษcole Polytechnique, Paris, France



• Programme details to follow.



Registration for Permutation Patterns 2021 is free, but you must sign up in advance. Only registered participants will have access to the pre-recorded keynote addresses and login information for the synchronous panel discussions of contributed work.

To register for the Permutation Patterns 2021 Virtual Workshop, please email by 7th June, giving your name, affiliation and email address. Thanks.


   Abstract Submission 

All participants are invited to submit an abstract on a topic related to the conference and give a 5–10 minute presentation (further details will be provided after the programme has been finalised).

To submit an abstract, please prepare it according to the instructions given in the template: [link to LaTeX file, link to PDF file] and email both the LaTeX file and the PDF file to by 31st May. We will aim to notify you regarding the acceptance of your abstract within a few days of submission. Thanks.

When preparing your abstract and talk, you should assume as common knowledge everything in this document: Permutation patterns: basic definitions and notation.

All contributed work will be presented as short (5–10 minute) talks, with slides shared online in advance of the workshop. The synchronous part of the workshop will allow speakers on similar themes to participate in conversation, together with anyone else interested in joining them.



PP2021 Organizing Committee

 • David Bevan
 • Kittitat Iamthong
 • Sergey Kitaev (chair)
 • Einar Steingrํmsson
 • Dan Threlfall

PP2021 Programme Committee

 • David Bevan
 • Sergey Kitaev
 • Einar Steingrํmsson

PP Permanent Steering Committee

 • Michael Albert (chair), University of Otago, New Zealand
 • Mathilde Bouvel, CNRS, LORIA, Nancy, France
 • Alexander Burstein, Howard University, USA
 • Luca Ferrari, University of Florence, Italy
 • Sergey Kitaev, University of Strathclyde, UK
 • Jay Pantone, Marquette University, USA
 • Lara Pudwell, Valparaiso University, USA
 • Alexander Woo, University of Idaho, USA


   Previous Conferences and Virtual Workshops 

A Permutation Patterns Conference or Virtual Workshop has been held every year since the inaugural one in New Zealand in 2003. Information about previous years can be found here.