Permutation Patterns 2012

Accommodation Options

  1. University of Strathclyde rooms. These are in the range £27-£42 per night, depending on whether you want an en-suite room and breakfast: (Select John Anderson Campus)

    Accommodation is available from 9th June 2012. We encourage you to book this as soon as possible. The accommodation is in the student village which is adjacent to the conference venue.

  2. Premier Inn (George Square), Glasgow City Centre. This hotel is 180 metres (1 block) from the conference venue. The special rate is £73 per room per night (breakfast is included).

    To book with this special rate, call the hotel on +44 871 527 8440 (outside UK) or 0871 527 8440 (inside UK).

    We highly recommend that you try the on-line booking system first, as the hotel sometimes has special rates and offers. This can be found at

    To book, call the hotel on +44 871 527 8440 (outside UK) or 0871 527 8440 (inside UK).

    You must mention that you are attending "Permutation Patterns 2012 at the University of Strathclyde" in order to get this special rate. We recommend that you book these rooms sooner rather than later as it is a city centre hotel. If there are problems booking with them to get this rate then please contact us and we will contact the hotel to resolve any confusion.

    (Disclaimer: The above special rate is for one person. We are unsure as to whether the rate stays the same if two or more people wish to frequent the room.)

  3. The University of Glasgow offers summer accommodation similar in price to the University of Strathclyde. However, the residences tend to be further out of town. They can be reached by rail or subway.