Information on Visas

Nationals of these countries are exempt from the obligation to carry a visa on arrival in Iceland for a stay of up to three months in total within the Schengen area. The total stay within the Schengen Area must not exceed three months in any period of six months. The validity of the passport must be at least three months beyond the proposed stay.

Citizens of countries that are not on the above list need a visa to attend FPSAC 2011. (e.g. China, Iran, Korea, Russia, South Africa and Taiwan.)

Information about applying for the Visa can be found here:

Some notes for the "Application for Schengen Visa":

People having inquiries about the Visa document should call Icelandic Immigration at +354 510 5400.

Information on travel to Iceland

All international flights to Reykjavik arrive to Keflavik airport. Iceland Air and Iceland Express are the main carriers to Keflavik. Delta airlines will be flying to Keflavik from 1st June 2011. Prices seem to be good right now to Iceland from the US because of the Delta flight. But that will likely not last long, so it is wise to book soon. Please also note that if you are a US participant and get support, then you have to use a US carrier, which seems to mean that Delta is the only choice.

Getting to Reykjavik from Keflavik airport

The Flybus is the most popular way to reach Reykjavik from Keflavik airport. Simply veer to the right after exiting Arrivals. Tickets may be bought from the counter before boarding and the bus typically waits until all people in the arrivals area have boarded. Tickets are 1950 kronar (one way) or 3500 kronar (return journey included). The bus will take you to the main bus terminus in Reykjavik called BSI. If you are staying in a hotel then a smaller bus will then bring you to your hotel. Mention the hotel you are staying in when buying your ticket in Keflavik. There is a small added charge for this. (See the Flybus website.)